How I Got Started

I am blessed to be doing something I am passionate about.  I have been in the design industry for approximately 20 years.

My career began when a local builder asked me to make selections and decorate one of his parade homes. At that time I was working in the flooring industry and was actually helping one of his clients make flooring, paint and other selections. I was basically helping them pull everything together for their home.  It was doing that project that helped me realize that this was what I wanted to do. Not only do I love the design side of it but I found that I love serving my clients. Another local builder saw my work during that parade of homes and asked me if I would do all of his projects, he truly put me on the map!  I will forever be grateful for the faith he had in me. I made it my mission to learn every aspect of building. The finishes, flooring, paint, window treatments and making sure that a space is functional!

Over the years I have worked for various builders on their homes from the ground up as well as homeowners remodeling and transforming their homes and businesses. 

In addition to the design work that did, I also did the buying and merchandising for a large home decor store for the last fourteen years. But I kept coming back to interior design. Every project is new and special. It was my passion

What I love most about design is to be able to work with my clients on their future home or their current home and create a space or spaces that they will love to come home to. I love designing a place where they can build memories.

I approach every project with questions such as, how do you want this space to function?  What is the look that you gravitate towards and want to achieve?  I really try to dig in and get to know how my clients live, what is their lifestyle, their day to day routines, so that in the end not only does the space look and feel like they want it to but that it’s functional for them.

I then start piecing together the design, selecting the finishes such as flooring, paint, furnishings, window treatments etc.  I put them together sort of like a puzzle until I have the look complete. The goal is to have the home really reflect the client not me. I then meet with my clients for their approval and input.  After that let the fun begin!!  The work begins until we have a finished product and the clients move in or begin to live in the spaces.  Having my clients hug me and say “this is everything I have always dreamed of and we love it!!” That is why I do what I do.


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